Cutii Automate Land Rover

Cutie Automata Range Rover

Model auto An fabricatie Marime motorizare Tip cutie automate Model cutie automata
Defender 90 1994 – 97 V8 3.9L 4.0L 4 Vit TRI ZF4HP22/24
Discovery 01/1992 – 2.5D, 2.5TD,3.5L,3.9L 4 Vit TRI ZF4HP22/24
Discovery 1994 – 06 V8 3.9L 4.0L 4.6L 4 Vit TRI ZF4HP22/24
Discovery TD6 2003 TD 5 Vit TRI 5L40E
Freelander 1998- 1.8L, 2.5TD, V6 2.5L 5 Vit TRI/TRF JF506E
Freelander II 2007 – 1.8L, 2.5TD,V6 2.5L 6 Vit TRI AWF21 (TF-80SC)
LR2 2007 L6 3.2L 6 Vit TRI AWF21 (TF-80SC)
LR3 2005 – 07 V8 4.4L 6 Vit TRI ZF6HP26
Range Rover 10/1982 -02/86 V8 3.5L 3 Vit TRI 36RH/A727
Range Rover 03/1986 – 09/95 V8 3.5L, 3.9L, 4.2L 4 Vit TRI ZF4HP22
Range Rover 02/1994-06/99 2.5TD,V8 4.0L 4 Vit TRI ZF4HP22EH
Range Rover 02/1994-02 V8 4.6L 4 Vit TRI ZF4HP24
Range Rover 1994 – 2002 V8 3.9L 4.0L 4 Vit TRI ZF4HP24
Range Rover 2003-04 V8 4.4L 5 Vit TRI ZF5HP24
Range Rover HSE,Sport 2005 – 07 V8 4.2L 4.4L 6 Vit TRI ZF6HP26A
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